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20 Lessons I’ve Learned While Street Walking

I’ve just finished another walking project. This time, I walked all the streets of Willow Glen (for the second time). It took about 6 months, walking 3 to 4 days a week. It’s a suburban neighborhood with a lot of streets.

05-23 God Bless the Walk

As I finished the last 3.97 miles, I was thinking about things I’ve learned while walking this and other sections of my city. Some of these things pertain just to walking, and others spill over to other parts of life, too. Here they are…

  1. It’s okay if nobody else has the same goal; it’s enough that it’s my goal.
  2. Picking a biggish goal can be motivating.
  3. Even so, if it’s a big goal, I might wonder at first if I’ll make it.
  4. If it’s really my goal, I’ll make time for it.
  5. If I’ve completed something similar, it’s easier to think I’ll finish this, too.
  6. Making a map makes it seem more doable.
  7. Reviewing the map may spark action, even if I started out feeling lazy.
  8. Dividing the project into smaller sections makes it easier to start walking.
  9. It’s a great feeling to finish sections.
  10. Marking off progress makes me want to make more progress.
  11. Even with a map, it can be difficult to estimate time and distance, although that gets better with practice.
  12. To get from here to there, I have to actually take the steps. Flying over the distance in my imagination doesn’t get me to the end of the block.
  13. The goal isn’t met until it’s met, but just the process of walking is a great deal of the delight.
  14. Exercise is one of the best things… right up there with sleep and eating right. Plus, exercise makes the other two more likely.
  15. Taking a few days off can be restorative.
  16. Wear the right shoes.
  17. Enjoy the flowers. Sunsets. Architecture. Smiles. All the joys along the way.
  18. Nobody minds if you photo their flowers, in fact, they might offer you some.
  19. Finishing feels great.
  20. Time to start a new project all over again.


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