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One More Way to Feel Better: Photos Along the Way

Taking photos while out walking is my variation of stopping to smell the roses. If we remember to be grateful for the things we photograph, it turns out that this can boost our sense of well-being.


Photo © Jeanne Farrington

I walk, listening to music or a podcast, and occasionally I notice something the neighbors are growing. Sometimes I stop walking just long enough to take a photo, thinking about the fleeting aspects of flowers and light.

Don’t wait. Tomorrow it won’t look like this. On my way back, the light will be different. Tomorrow this rose will have opened, or the petals will be falling.

So now is good. Light and flowers can be amazing.

I am grateful for the gardeners, for my portable iPhone camera, for, and for the podcasters who often keep me company on my city street walks.

We already know that trees and nature scenes are good for health and productivity. Gratitude is good for our mood and overall health. Sharing happiness also makes us happier.

Any of the following are good. Combining them is easy.

  • Walking (or your favorite outdoor exercise)
  • Nature (even a tree in an urban setting)
  • Appreciation through photos
  • Sharing with friends

So, taking photos and sharing them can be one more reason to walk (run, bike, row…), or at least to go outside.


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