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Where Shall We Meet? Now It’s So Easy

So, you want to meet a friend or business colleague who lives or works some distance from you.

You’d like to meet halfway, but where is that, exactly?
And where shall you meet? Starbucks? A restaurant?

Enter Meet Me in the Middle, by MeetWays.

The other day I was meeting a client who was working about 30 miles from here (after an already long day for both of us). I wanted a Starbucks: easy to find, close to freeways, easy to park, no problem waiting while until the other person navigates 5:00 traffic.

04-24 1 Enter Addresses

How to do that? You just enter your location, your colleague’s location, and hit enter. So easy.

You can specify “coffee,” “restaurant,” even “park” as your destination of choice, and

MeetWays will find suggestions for you. You can be even more specific, typing “Starbucks,” “Hyatt,” or “pizza.”

In addition, you can ask for highways (or not) and to avoid toll roads (or not). Plus, you can even use MeetWays for walking, biking, or public transit.

04-24 2 Highways & Toll Roads

Here’s an example of results for Starbucks between San Jose, California and Novato.

04-24 3 East Side of Bay

You can click on any of the red squares for more information, or scroll down in the list on the right. You can get directions from Point A or Point B, and sometimes there are links to ratings on Yelp.

But let’s say you’d prefer to meet on the west side of the Bay. Not only that, but you’d prefer to drive up 280 vs. 101 (less traffic, prettier views). You can hover over the blue route line on the map, grab a white circle that appears there, and drag the route line over to 280 (just like on regular Google maps).

04-24 4 West Side of Bay

Meet Me in the Middle is perfect for figuring out a good spot to meet. It was a huge help in meeting with my client the other day, and I’ll be using it again.


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