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Get a Little Momentum

How about a little less distraction and a lot more focus? In a world where you can open a new browser tab at a moment’s notice to look up anything under the sun, it’s easy to end up reading about random things. This doesn’t help with the current task at hand.

Enter Momentum Dashboard for Chrome (also available in beta for Safari).

12-30 01 Momentum Good Morning

Personalized Greeting. How about a lovely photo and personal greeting whenever you open a new tab? The photo changes every day, and usually it’s of a natural scene (or at least it has some nature around the edges).

Main Focus. Plus, you can fill in your main focus to remind yourself why you’re at the computer in the first place.

12-30 02 Main Focus

Since I’ve been using Momentum, I’ve saved myself any number of times from going off on some wild goose chase of searches (not that there isn’t a time and place for Random Surfing for Interesting Info).

I’ve been changing the focus as I work through my day, making it more about my main focus right now instead of the focus for the day.

12-30 03 Today blog post

Task List. Having a zillion things on a master to-do list can be a little overwhelming sometimes. But you can put just a few things on the Momentum Dashboard, to keep your motivation up and that “too much to do” anxiety down.

12-30 04 4 Things to Do

Some Extras. There are some handy features, too…

12-30 05 WeatherA little about the weather, how many tasks you’ve completed already, a built-in Google custom search, and you can also add quick links to your favorite websites.

12-30 06 Google Search

In settings, you can customize the page. For example, you can remove the weather, the quick links, or the task list.

Momentum Dashboard gives a gentle reminder to stay on task, and it does so in a lovely, easy-to-use way. Plus, it’s always a great feeling to check tasks off a list.

12-30 07 3 Things to Do

If you give it a try, I’d love to hear what you think.


Extension | Chrome Version

Extension | Safari Version

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  • jeannefarrington

    Oh, and plus… you can have so much fun with your name. Time to do the bills? Give yourself a grand title.

  • jeannefarrington

    Or, you can remind yourself of the day of the week.

  • jeannefarrington

    They keep adding new, lovely photos.