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Time & Energy—Yes & Yes—But What About Attention?

Walking along not long ago, listening to Beyond the To Do List, I heard a productivity quote worth sharing.

10-14 God Bless the Walk

Here it is for you…

Productivity is a combination of how you manage your time, your energy, and your attention.

Chris Bailey
Life of Productivity

In all the talk about time management, this short quote says a lot. It’s not unusual to see advice about blocking off time for key activities or figuring out when your energy is best for your most complicated work or for simpler, more routine tasks.

But one of the key things for a productive day is figuring out how to point ourselves in the right direction. In other words, managing our “attention.”

I think that’s about half the battle. Many of us are busy… but the question is, busy doing what? Where is the best place for my/your/our attention right now?

I like this quote so much that I’ve added it to the top of my Today column in KanbanFlow. It’s not just time. Not just energy. So much of it is attention.


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