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Getting with the Program

The other morning I was on the verge of procrastinating by reading fascinating things on the Internet. Not that this would ever happen, but honestly, sometimes it does.

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Anyway, this little phrase came to me:

“Occupy Your Time”

Now, in the sense of filling up one’s time, the Internet is a willing ally. TV, too. Hobbies. Idle chatter….

People say sometimes, “I do X just to pass the time.”

But I wasn’t thinking of it that way… It’s not like I was at a loss for things to do with my time so it would pass faster.

Instead, I was thinking of taking the time I have more seriously. Of “occupying” it in the sense of consciously making it mine (taking into account various caveats for obligations and interruptions).

And this was not the time to read the whole Internet (maybe later, for a break).

I felt better immediately and got to work (and so I’m sharing it with you).

“Occupy Your Time” works if you believe that you have some control over your own destiny. Otherwise, you have to wait for luck or signs or inspiration.

In my experience, if I wait until I feel like writing, then I won’t get much written. This goes for whatever I might be tempted to put off.

So I’ve been saying to myself, “Occupy your time. Make it count. Get things done. Guess what? It’s up to you.”

If we consciously occupy our time, then that includes work and resting. Reading the Internet and spending time with friends. Exercising and getting enough sleep.

And yes, this might be one of those little thoughts that sounds so obvious, but it can also be one of those little epiphanies that makes life better.


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