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Walk, Bike or Run to Make the World a Little Better

One of my friends wrote that my 3-mile walk last night made her “halfway think about walking around the block.”

Besides walking for exercise, I was walking for Charity Miles, which is a great organization that turns miles walked, run, or biked into donations for good causes.

07-26 Missouri Skies

I was in a small Missouri town with few sidewalks, but I found one that was stretching off toward a lovely sunset. The birds had front-row seats on the power lines, the sun was sending gorgeous shafts of light through big puffy clouds, and this July evening was just 75 degrees with a lovely breeze and not much humidity. Perfect.

07-26 Front-Row Seats

Charity Miles is a free app for iPhone or Android phones. You can choose from multiple charities: feeding the hungry, fighting disease, creating housing, improving education, and helping others to help themselves.

07-26 Charity Miles07-26 L&L Society

In Charity Miles’ first year, over 100,000 participants walked, ran, and biked enough miles to travel to the moon and back three times. They earned over $354,500 for charity. This is one case where more would be even better. And it’s one more reason to get out there and walk around a block or two.


Site: Charity Miles

Site: More about Charity Miles

App: iPhone 

App: Android

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