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Busy? Eight Reasons to Move Anyway

I used to hate exercise. Too boring. Too much time, effort, and sweat. A 4-minute walk would drive me crazy. (Sad, I know.)

But now, years later, I want to get out there.

When I first got serious about walking, I started with 20 minutes. That grew to 40, and now I’m happier if I have an hour or so. What happened?

06-28 Perfect Yellow Rose 2

Perfect Yellow Rose, © Jeanne Farrington

For me, walking over time has led to this combination of things:

  1. Visual delights. Landscaping, architecture, evening light, a lovely rose. Photos I can share with friends.
  2. Friendships. Sometimes I walk with a friend or talk on the phone while walking. Two good things at once.
  3. Learning something. Listening to favorite podcasts = more good things at once.
  4. A haven. When walking alone, I can think without interruption and listen to great music. I’m grateful every day for Pandora.
  5. Good feelings. Want to feel good, comfortable, and relaxed? Want a better mood? Exercise will do it (or at least help).
  6. Stress reduction. The rhythm of walking is calming, and it’s a great way to let tension go.
  7. Physical health. Walking helps me stay in shape, feel stronger, and have more endurance.
  8. Freedom to move. Walking makes everything easier, from getting up in the morning to long gorgeous hikes.

06-28 Zion Canyon

Zion National Park, © Jeanne Farrington

It was not easy to go from hating the whole thing to enjoying long walks. But with time and attention, I have a new passion.

You might run or go to the gym or dance. Whatever you like, there are good reasons to exercise—and if you don’t already, after some time, you might end up loving it.

P.S. Whatever exercise you try, make sure your doctor approves. Don’t overdo it, because that can make you quit or get you hurt. Start small and keep going. 


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Website: Pandora (music just for you)

Article: The Exercise Effect (psychological effects of exercise)

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  • JT O’Neill

    I first started that daily exercise thing when we lived on San Fernando. I would go to that field by the OT building every morning. It became a habit that fed me on so many levels. For perhaps 20+ years I jogged/ran but then knee problems called a halt to that. These days I walk early every morning and sometimes again later in the day. I like it, WHat I like most is the solitude. I have the best conversations with myself in the predawn or just breaking dawn hours.

  • ajeanne

    I remember that! I love the solitude some days, too. And that early morning time is lovely.

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