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Performance Consulting

Is there something in your business that you would like to see grow or improve? Are performance barriers getting in the way of people doing their best work?

Using a systemic and systematic approach, J. Farrington Consulting works with companies on specific projects or on an on-going basis to assist them in the following areas:

  • Organization alignment to pave the way for new initiatives or to identify and remove barriers that prevent your people from achieving top performance and making a significant contribution to the success of your organization
  • Change management projects that help you to overcome the barriers and resistance to change that are natural in every organization
  • Talent management programs that help you to identify and fix areas that need improvement, such as succession planning, performance management, talent development, talent acquisition, and new employee performance programs.
  • Performance management systems that help managers to set goals, monitor performance, provide feedback, document performance, and manage compensation
  • Organization design that facilitates communication and teamwork
  • Merger and acquisition assistance to bring together different organizations to work as one-completing cultural assessments and creating organizational alignment strategies, processes, and practices
  • Executive and management coaching to assist your leaders to assess and improve leadership skills and practices
  • Offsite meeting and conference designs and facilitation for executives or other specific teams within your organization