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Instructional Design Made Easy with KanbanFlow

Let’s say you have a 16-week (or 16-hour) course to plan, and it has a lot of moving pieces: topics, objectives, resources, readings, activities, quizzes, individual and group assignments, etc. And let’s say that you want a flexible way to map it all out as you are figuring out what to do and when. About… Continue Reading

A Little Time | A Little Magic

Every once in a while, I write about taking breaks to be more productive. (This is probably because I sometimes forget to take breaks, and then I eventually feel like somebody glued me to my chair.) Not so long ago, I saw an article about a study where the most productive people in a particular… Continue Reading

Travel Me This—Part II, Keep Calm & Love Packing

To recap from Part I: 
Packing. What if I loved it? 
Do I love it now? Not so much. 
What’s in the way? Mostly, last-minute packing that takes too much time. So, after much thought, not to mention reading blog posts about packing and watching YouTube videos of smiling people rolling their clothes and stuffing… Continue Reading

Travel Me This—Part I, the Problem

After staying up late to pack (for the zillionth time—because Miss Procrastination usually tells me that there’s no good time for packing), I asked myself this question: What if I loved packing for business travel? Which of the following best describes your feelings about packing? Hate it Am I done yet? Don’t mind it Like… Continue Reading

Where Shall We Meet? Now It’s So Easy

So, you want to meet a friend or business colleague who lives or works some distance from you. You’d like to meet halfway, but where is that, exactly? And where shall you meet? Starbucks? A restaurant? Enter Meet Me in the Middle, by MeetWays. The other day I was meeting a client who was working… Continue Reading

Manage Your Money Better & Release a Lot of Stress

I wanted to tell you about Dave Ramsey’s new, free, online budgeting tool called EveryDollar. To make it relevant to learning, performance, productivity, and/or healthy living, I looked for information about money worries. Specifically, how worrying about money affects productivity and performance. Here’s what I found in a nutshell: money worries are tied to increased… Continue Reading

Introducing The Debunker’s Club

One of my ISPI friends asked a group of us if we’d be willing to help get the word out about The Debunker’s Club. It’s a new website and group of folks who are banding together to help clean up some of the myths, mistakes, and misinformation that are common in the learning field. Early… Continue Reading

This Idea Must Die: Fodder for Evidence-Based Practice

Podcasting is a fairly young idea. Anybody with a microphone and access to the Internet can put up a podcast. Given that, some are terrible, and some are really great. One of my favorites is Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything. You might think it would be boring, because “Freakonomics” sounds like “economics,” but no.… Continue Reading

Have Image, Add Words: So Easy with Pablo

Buffer has released a new application that you can use on the web to add text to images in just a few minutes. They say it takes about 30 seconds. If you’re starting from scratch with your own or others’ images (with permission, of course), you may want to crop them to the size they’ll… Continue Reading

Keeping Resolutions-Goals-Habits Visible with KanbanFlow

Who keeps their New Year’s resolutions? Hardly anybody. Sorry, but most of us are doomed to abandon our good intentions. Accomplishing new goals, breaking habits, making habits—all of these involve change. As we all know, change can be hard, even if we are the ones who wanted to make the change in the first place.… Continue Reading