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Where Shall We Meet? Now It’s So Easy

So, you want to meet a friend or business colleague who lives or works some distance from you. You’d like to meet halfway, but where is that, exactly? And where shall you meet? Starbucks? A restaurant? Enter Meet Me in the Middle, by MeetWays. The other day I was meeting a client who was working… Continue Reading

Getting Started with an Online Presence

Let’s say you want to share your expertise, and you’d like to make sure that people notice you, too. One of my readers, who is considering writing a blog of her own, wrote to ask these questions: “How do you manage to find the time to keep a quality presence on multiple platforms?” “Are you… Continue Reading

Want Buy-In? Recruit an Advisory Committee

Once upon a time I joined a big, global company. My initial assignment was to create a world-wide conference for a whole range of people throughout multiple divisions. I hardly knew anyone, and the culture and the audience were new to me. Choose an Influential Person from Each Major Area So I did what seemed… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Read Together: The Professional Book Club

Sometimes there’s a great book, article, or website that just begs to be read. Maybe your learners, your team, or your professional organization can benefit from reading it together. Reflecting Pool in Campbell Here are three ways to get more from what you and your team or organization are reading. Training Program. Let’s say you’re… Continue Reading

Where’s My Connection?!!!

Just the other day I was reading about someone’s “digital sabbatical.” My thought about this was, “Good for her, but I’m not all that excited to take one myself.” Maybe someday, but not yet. At least, not so far. Mendocino Coast I’m spending a long weekend in northern California with professional colleagues. Before deciding to… Continue Reading

Appreciation? 1 Easy Way to Show It

Let’s say that you’ve just met someone new, or you attended a meeting with people you like and respect. Want to make a stronger connection? Here’s how: send a handwritten note. It doesn’t take long to write a few lines and address an envelope. The people you send notes to are likely to say how… Continue Reading