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If You Haven’t Read Telling Ain’t Training, You’re Missing Out

By Harold D. Stolovitch & Erica J. Keeps, with contributions from Marc J. Rosenberg Want to help someone learn? A most engaging and excellent way to find out how is to read this book. If you are new to instructional design, teaching, or training, this is a great book. If you’ve been in the field… Continue Reading

Bookshelf: The Power of Habit

Habits are simple, but not so simple. According to Charles Duhigg, habits are a) powerful forces in our lives (for good or not good) and b) changeable. Habits have three parts: A cue (like the thought I have when I’m driving somewhere that frozen yogurt might be just the thing right now) A routine (stopping for… Continue Reading

This Idea Must Die: Fodder for Evidence-Based Practice

Podcasting is a fairly young idea. Anybody with a microphone and access to the Internet can put up a podcast. Given that, some are terrible, and some are really great. One of my favorites is Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything. You might think it would be boring, because “Freakonomics” sounds like “economics,” but no.… Continue Reading

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo There’s a lot of advice in the world about how to keep an organized life, simplify, and reduce clutter. While providing practical advice about removing clutter and then arranging the remainder, Marie Kondo tells her delightful story of being obsessed with cleaning and decluttering since… Continue Reading

5 Minutes for a Happier & More Productive Life

Some new friends have been raving about The Five-Minute Journal. Five minutes a day to improve your life: accomplishing more and feeling better, too. Oz watches over my journal. Being a cat, he’s asleep on the job. Having kept a journal for a very long time, I set out to investigate. It turns out that… Continue Reading

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Have trouble remembering when to say less vs. few? How about stumbling over who vs. whom? Or maybe you find yourself pausing before saying affect or effect? That vs. which? Toward or towards? Or what if there are pitfalls that you haven’t learned yet? I see examples all the time. Alot is not a word.… Continue Reading

Reading Well: Harder Than You Think, But So Worth It

In keeping with the idea that “September is a great time to learn a few new things,” I just read the first part of How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading. And yes, I’ve read about a zillion books in my lifetime, but why not see if there’s more to learn… Continue Reading

Yes, You Can Learn This…

There’s still something about September. Fall is on the way, and school is starting up again. So I loved receiving an email from the Khan Academy today, saying this… Because… I’ve been thinking about giving myself some little assignments to correspond with the new school year. After all, there’s always more to learn. Plus, if… Continue Reading

Bookshelf: The Total Money Makeover

By Dave Ramsey Although he has the third most popular radio show in America, there are still quite a few people who haven’t heard of Dave Ramsey. I am sharing a little about his story in this post because I’ve learned a lot from him, as have some of my friends. I wish I’d heard… Continue Reading

Bookshelf: How Learning Works

7 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching By Susan A. Ambrose, Michael W. Bridges, Michele DiPietro, Marsha C. Lovett, and Marie K. Norman We (that’s the collective “we”) know a lot about two areas that can make teaching and learning so much better: How people learn (the science of learning) How to help people learn (the… Continue Reading