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Happy Spring—But What About Those Lost Resolutions?

For those celebrating, Happy Easter!

04-03 White Blossoms

Every day is a new day, which is so easy to notice as the trees leaf out and flowers bloom all over. This is a great season for starting fresh.

In other words, if yesterday I wasn’t as productive, focused, present, connected, or compassionate as I wanted to be, today can be a whole new story.

Review. What are my main goals? Are they still relevant? Do I still care?

Revise. Do I want to adjust my goals for reality? More realistic due dates or outcomes?

Next Steps. Have I mapped out the next action to take for each goal? Am I reviewing those next actions every day?

Timing. Am I waiting for inspiration to strike or did I make a schedule? Did I schedule time to work on my next actions?

Habits. Can I create a new habit that will carry me over the finish line?

Tracking. Where am I in relation to meeting my goals?

How do we ever accomplish anything in such a busy world? Here are some keys:

  • We believe we can do it.
  • We think it’s important.
  • We remove distractions.
  • We set a deadline for accomplishing the next step.
  • We learn to make habits work for us.


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