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Dear Valentine: What if I loved my life?

Just a thought as Valentine’s Day approaches (or for any time of year, really). A little encouragement.

02-10 Grateful for Roses

How many of us spend (just possibly) too much time bemoaning this or that aspect of our lives? I have done this many times. It’s easy to settle in to a kind of internal dialogue that’s not so positive.

Any of us might think…

If Only…

  • I had it more together
  • My work were more interesting
  • My boss would be less demanding [more rational, less of a jerk…]
  • Life weren’t so stressful
  • My commute were shorter
  • I could afford to buy [some wonderful or even necessary thing]
  • The weather would be [warmer, colder, just generally better]
  • My flight would be on time
  • I could take a flight
  • I didn’t have to fly so often
  • My friends, family, significant other were more [understanding, loving, supportive, present]
  • I liked my life better


Well obviously, then I would be so much happier.


Right now, life is too [fill in the blank].

A Valentine…

Dear Self,
Starting today, what if I consider loving my life?
No, it’s not perfect. How about I love it anyway?
Yes, this present life.
And yes, I can still learn more, accomplish more, set goals, and make things better.
In the meantime, I’m loving my life.
So, self, Happy Valentine’s Day! [or any other day]

I remember the day I had this little conversation with myself. I was feeling kind of down, and I started to ask myself, “What if I loved my life?” In asking and answering that question, many good things happened. It’s good to remember to think about this now and then. Valentine’s Day is a great time to remember.


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