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3 Favorite Blogs

Michael Hyatt | PsyBlog | Greater Good

One of my friends asked me to write about some of my favorite blogs. Here are three that I read regularly.


Michael Hyatt: Intentional Leadership

After a long & successful career in publishing, Michael Hyatt now speaks, blogs, podcasts, and offers seminars about personal development, leadership, productivity, building a platform, and publishing. He’s a best-selling author, and he has figured out how to use the Internet to build an impressive platform and a second career. In addition to his blog & podcasts, he also has a membership site, called Platform University, to help others who would like to “Get Noticed in a Noisy World.”

After reading Michael’s blog for a number of years, I feel like I almost know him. He often writes about his own experience, including some mistake or difficulty and how he solved it. He brings all these topics together under the tagline “Intentional Leadership.”

I also subscribe to his podcasts, which come out once a week. He’s got some great advice about writing, being productive, and working with others.

Michael Hyatt Resources

Site | Michael Hyatt

Podcast | This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

Membership Site | Platform University

Book | Platform: Get Noticed in a Busy World


PsyBlog: Understand Your Mind

Jeremy Dean is a psychologist who writes about what recent research studies have to tell us about how our minds work. He translates a wide range of psychological research into easy-to-read English. I’ve especially enjoyed his posts about making and breaking habits, persuasion techniques, and creativity.

Jeremy is working on his doctorate after starting out studying law and working in technology. His book, Making Habits, Breaking Habits, has a friendly feeling to it. He shares that he started writing it after trying to find out where the idea came from that it takes 21 days to create a habit. That turned out not to be true for almost all habits, but he then explores what it takes to make changes stick.

You’ll find a variety of themes in different areas: Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Motivation/Emotion, Mind and Body, and Cyberpsychology.

PsyBlog Resources

Site | PsyBlog Home Page

Site | PsyBlog Themes in Psychology

Book Review | Making Habits, Breaking Habits


Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life

Located at UC Berkeley, the Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being. They write about gratitude, altruism, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, happiness, and mindfulness.

They post articles with titles like: What Are the Secrets to a Happy Life?, How to Focus a Wandering Mind, and How Exercise Is Good for the Brain.

They have three different blogs, with shorter or longer posts.

Greater Good Resources

Site | Greater Good Home Page

Blog | Greater Good in Brief

Blog | Greater Good Features

Blog | Greater Good Research Digest

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