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Bookshelf: The War of Art

By Steven Pressfield

07-30 The War of Art

For the 95% of us who (at least sometimes) procrastinate, what Steven Pressfield calls the “Resistance” often gets in the way. Whatever form your creativity takes, this book describes the insidious way that Resistance causes mischief, and it provides helpful suggestions for moving forward.

Here are just a few suggestions from The War of Art:

Decidate yourself to your work. Commit. Turn “pro.”

Feeling a little miserable? That’s okay. Create anyway.

Pursue your work for love. Get paid, too.

Be patient and persistent. Set a reasonable pace. Work like you’re running a long race, not a sprint.

Reduce distractions. Work like you’re on a mission.

Keep getting better at what you do.

Learn from criticism, but don’t let it slow you down. Enjoy praise, but don’t let it go to your head.

Give yourself assignments. Track your progress. Keep after your goals.

Be more determined than the Resistance.

Recognize Resistance vs. the muse. Ego vs. the Self. Growth vs. stagnation.

To be creative, to be an artist at whatever you’re doing, bring your work into existence for its own beautiful self.

If you’re an artist, if you write or design anything, for whatever part of your work is creative, this book is packed with help. Recognize the Resistance for what it is, set it aside, and move on with creating your best work.


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