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Now & then I want to share something I’ve learned. Lately I’ve been making lists of things to share… and now, I’m writing—in case some of these topics resonate with you—and also, so they’ll stop asking me to write them down.

Welcome Circles 3

I’m interested in many things, for example, learning, work, healthy living, and making things better.

  1. Performance Improvement. My professional life is all about helping people do their best work. Figuring out where they want to be, what’s in the way of being there, and then what to do about it.  (This works for our personal lives, too.)
  2. Learning. Instructional design is my favorite specialty. How do people learn? How can we help them? What motivates them to learn? How do we know they learned anything? Are they using what they learned? If so, is that getting us the results we want? If not, let’s fix that.
  3. Productivity. As humans, we are easily distracted. So many interests, only so much time. What to do to stay on track? What’s the track anyway? And how to focus on those things that do the most good?
  4. Healthy Living. A former couch potato, I now think of myself in a whole new way. My personal goals include references to food, exercise, rest, friendships, simplicity, and stillness. I keep working on these.
  5. Love. This is what my friend Roger Kaufman calls “mega.” Looking beyond ourselves & the concerns of a company, project, or event to create a better world.

So I’ll write, and I hope you’ll find posts that help you or, just as good (maybe even better), help you to help others.


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